June Archer Brings Motivation and Empowerment to Palisade Preparatory School


June Archer Brings Motivation and Empowerment to Palisade Preparatory School

NOVEMBER 30, 2017 (Yonkers, NY)  –  June Archer brought a unique and motivational message to students today at Palisade Preparatory School in an exciting Yonkers MBK Empowerment Assembly.

The author and former music industry executive encouraged the high school students to dream big, set clear goals, work hard and surround themselves with people who encourage them to succeed.

“Sometimes passion trumps natural ability,” said Mr. Archer who today is CEO of Eleven28 Entertainment, a multi-media marketing firm. “If you do not do the work, you do not get to the next level.”

Mr. Archer, a former recording artist who became the president of a music label and has worked with industry legends such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent, illuminated behind-the-scenes employment opportunities to students, many of whom expressed interest in working in the field.

“You like math? Become an account in the music industry. You like babysitting? Become a manager,” he said.

Students asked many questions about how to maintain a positive attitude and overcome obstacles in life.

“How do you deal with haters?” asked one student.

With a wide smile on his face, Mr. Archer answered, “I don’t.”

Noting the professional demeanor of students who shook his hand before the assembly and the caring mentorship of many of the administrators and advisors present in the auditorium, Mr. Archer said, “This is an environment that is preparing you for greatness.”

Yonkers MBK is dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for boys and young men of color. Now in its second year, the movement is thriving in Yonkers’ eight public high schools and key community groups.

Mr. Archer’s Empowerment Assembly reinforces Yonkers MBK’s goal s of ensuring that all students, particularly young men of color, graduate from high school, and complete college or other post-secondary school training to create fulfilling lives.

“June Archer supported our efforts to provide our students with enriching experiences that broaden their horizons,” said Dr. Michelle Yazurlo, Principal of Palisade Preparatory School. “He helped expand their perspectives about what they can achieve in their lives and careers.”

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