Melissa Harville-Lebron Encourages The New York City Department of Correction


Melissa Harville-Lebron Encourages The New York City Department of Correction

March 7, 2018 (NEW YORK) –  Melissa Harville-Lebron spoke to the New York City Department of Correction at the Anna M. Kross Center. “In the era of women’s empowerment and the MeToo movement changing how women are approached and dealt with in business and the workplace, I am proud to speak and be honored by the Department which is led by strong women who work hard every day protecting their colleagues and inmates and keeping New York City safe,” stated Melissa Harville-Lebron, CEO of E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc.

The Department is leading other government agencies nationwide in leadership diversity, as they have a Commissioner who is a woman, Commissioner Cynthia Brann, and a Chief of Department who is a woman, Chief Hazel Jennings.

The Department’s female workforce also boasts 7 out of 13 Deputy Commissioners, 50 percent of its Chiefs, 65 percent of its Wardens, 60 percent of its Captains, 61 percent of its Deputy Wardens, 67 percent of its Deputy Wardens in Command, 60 percent of its Acting Deputy Wardens, 41 percent of its Officers and 42 percent of NYC DOC’s entire staff are women.

“Ms. Harville-Lebron, is a pioneer and trailblazer in many arenas. She is a shining example of what setting a goal and remaining steadfast can achieve. Melissa is an inspiration to not only the women of this agency, but to all of our brothers and sisters in corrections. She has shown us that success can be obtained despite any obstacle and that in life, we can all determine our own finish line,” said Chief Hazel Jennings.


Mrs. Harville – Lebron is the founder and CEO of W.M. Stone Enterprises, Inc. W.M. Stone is a multifarious entertainment conglomeration that is the parent company to the historical1st multicultural sibling NASCAR team; E2 Northeast Motorsports and home to Coutrá Music Group, a boutique music label. The eclectic roster at one time included a female racecar driver with a phenomenal voice. This would be Melissa’s initial exposure to NASCAR and also what would capture her attention and direct her awareness to the lack of diversity in the motorsport. At that moment, the conscious decision was made to pursue and fill that multicultural gap. A native of Staten Island, NY, her foundation was an overly protective mother and entrepreneur grandmother.

When an invitation to attend a NASCAR EXPERIENCE at Charlotte Super Speedway presented itself, Melissa shared the opportunity with the family. Eric and Enico were immediately captivated when they set their eyes upon the track. During their very first session, their top speeds were 149 and 150 respectively. They instantly grabbed the attention of officials at the track, who also encouraged them to pursue the possibilities.

Their persistent insistence encouraged Melissa to further pursue the world of NASCAR. An investment was made to have the boys evaluated in an actual testing environment. The boys proved once again that were destined for the track. Melissa has always felt that the many obstacles in life were preparation for greatness in the future. Focused on creating her own destiny, she incorporated opportunity and imagination. Accepting social accountability for the impressions we portray to our youth throughout platforms that we have access to W.M. Stone’s goal is to encourage the youth to unlock their dreams and pursue the unimaginable. Melissa’s believe that the obstacles of adversity do not define one’s future.

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